Peacock Goat save for Swizerland


The peacock goat is a breed of very rugged mountains . Despite being an animal altitude is possible to assimilate food well and to produce milk for cheese production , while helping to maintain the ecological balance of the alpine pastures .
The special designation of this species comes from the name of the peacock, but refers to the German name of Pfaven , " spots ", ie those typical black stripes that streak his forehead to the nose. For a transcription error , always in German, " Pfavenziege " has become " Pfauenziege ," peacock goat , a name that has to continuos use . This breed is classified in Switzerland for the first time in 1887, under the name of Prättigauer . The goat peacock is part of the caprine species of Swiss origin and has managed to surviver and spread only through a passionate breeder of the Canton of Grisons. The programs for the protection and encouragement of the federal government have failed to protect a small population of this breed that lives a bit scattered ' throughout Switzerland . These programs are designed to enhance the wildlife heritage and increase the number of farmers who are dedicated to this animal, generally threatened . It can thus lead to a minimum , but still valuable contribution to the maintenance of biodiversity. The photos were take around Switzerland !August 2014DSC07127 copia


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