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The koala or fascolarto (Koala Goldfuss, 1817), also called "Little Bear", is an Australian marsupial mammal, the only living representative of the genre Phascolarctos Koalas are found mainly along the east coast of Australia, from Adelaide to the base of the Cape York Peninsula, and where there is enough rain to sustain forests of eucalyptus, the only source of livelihood of the Koala. The koala spends almost all his life on eucalyptus trees. Towards evening, as arboreal nocturnal, start your meal consisting of leaves and buds of eucalyptus, habitually consuming about half a kg per day. He spends the rest of the time dozing, firmly wedged in the fork of a branch. Occasionally falls to the ground to change shaft or to promote digestion swallowing earth, bark and pebbles. Mating occurs between December and March (austral summer), and females give birth to a single pup, two in exceptional cases, as in the carrier there are only two nipples. The gestation period varies from 25 to 30 days. At birth, the little weighs about 5 grams and is about 2 inches high; emerges from the womb to enter the pouch, which unlike other marsupials has the entrance facing down, and stays there for about six months eating only milk. During this time they grow ears, eyes and hair. Between 24 and 30 weeks the diet is supplemented by a mixture of predigested food, in the form of feces extremely liquid, assumes that the small to develop an intestinal bacterial flora. The young become independent at about one year of age: before then, see the world from the shoulders of the mother, they live on following her everywhere.Koalas reach sexual maturity between three and four years, and males stronger then you create a small harem. The average lifespan of a koala is about twenty years.

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